We are a small emerging youth owned entity. The company is 50% women owned. We purify transformer oil, supply oil spill kits, oil and diesel. We also supply industrial values depending on the technicalities. We work with private companies, project developers and technical partners to source and develop projects.


To become a leading company with capacity to provide quality service that meet our clients’ expectations.
To create permanent job opportunities as part of poverty alleviation
To be a good corporate citizen that contributes positively to the community within which we operate through our corporate social responsibility programmes.


To provide quality services continuously beyond our clients’ expectations.
To be a financially stable company with proper statutory compliant record.
To create opportunities for the previously disadvantaged individuals, youth, people with disabilities and women.

Our Products

These are the products that we supply to our clients

Transformer oil

Oil spill

Motor oil
and diesel.



With a blow from the top-maul Ahab knocked off the steel head of the lance, and then handing to the mate the long iron rod remaining, bade him hold it upright, without its touching off the steel head of the lance, and then handing to the mate the long iron rod remaining.


Asiphileni Energy is a fully empowered company at the top level and aims that all its staff members have irrespective of race, gender or religion the capacity to reach their highest potential in practice and its intention is to recruit and develop previously disadvantageous employee group, women, disabled people and people who are discriminated against on the basis of race or gender so that their full potential can be achieved and utilized within the group. We also strive to procure all our materials from Previously Disadvantaged Suppliers.

Business Protocol


Safety in the energy industry is of paramount importance as most of the products thereof are highly flammable and toxic. Asiphileni Energy is fully aware of this fact hence will implement ISO 9000 certification as part of addressing the risks associated with the industry. Furthermore the company will take care of its operational stakeholders through the provision of:

Stringent continuous in-house and external training programs.
Implementation of procedure based quality assurance programs with continual implementation and corrective action procedures firmly in place.
Internal quality assurance audit and follow up action done on daily basis.
A safety Officer at all our sites with all the necessary equipment that includes the emergency and warning signs as well as the first aid kit.
A Safety Consultants on a monthly basis to conduct inspections and also service and check all the safety equipment.


This brief Quality Control Plan is used to demonstrate how we intend to prevent product and process defects and how to ensure the performance and durability of all our outputs. Our effective quality program always includes a number of key components. Although easier said than done, the key to the quality of energy products is the consistent use of quality materials and verification of product quality against a known standard (SABS/SANS). Asiphileni Energy management understands the importance of quality and is committed to ensuring quality in all its products .Our Quality Planning is comprised of 5 keys components listed below

Management responsibility
Material selection.


Meet the team that contribute to the success of the business

Jabulani Mahlangu (Director)

He holds a BSc Honours Degree in Energy Studies, BA in Environmental Science and A Certificate in Renewable Energy Technology amongst other qualifications. He is a successful entrepreneur with experience in the energy sector and mining.

Simphiwe Mahlangu (Director)

She holds a BSc Degree in Economics and Management, A Certificate in Sustainable Business Analysis. She has worked for Old Mutual and ABSA and have vast experience in the banking industry.

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E-Mail: info@asiphilenienergy.co.za
Office: 081 405 3480
Cell: 072 301 7746
Cell: 061 809 4150


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